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Thank you for showing up. I appreciate you have a lot of choices for a digital consultant, and yet, you've selected my page. 

Services: SEM, SEO, Facebook Campaigns, Twitter Campaigns, YouTube Optimization, Startup Consulting, Landing Page Optimization

  1. I'm not like many search people. I've led a career outside of search. I've started & sold my own e-commerce businesses. I'm not going to just solve your search problems. I'm going to help you solve your business problems.
  2. I love growing businesses. Years ago, I had a client only spending $500 a month in Google. Today, they spend over $75K per month. That's growth. I relish in the challenge.
  3. My list of clients include the best of the best: Volkswagen, PlayStation, Kettle Chips, Pop Secret, Taco Bell, Anthem Healthcare, Emerald Nuts, Frederick's of Hollywood, Murad, and a long list of small & medium sized businesses.

I'm here. Get in touch. Even if you don't use my services, I'd love to understand your problems and see how I can help.

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