Hi, I'm Hamid Saify. I'm an entrepreneur from Atlanta, now living in Los Angeles.

Growing up in Atlanta during the 90s, I spent much of my time in high school exploring the world of the Internet. Our library bought two computers in 1995 and I spent every lunch hour in the library checking out NBA.com, Wu-Tang clan lyrics, and being amazed by how instant all this information was. After I wasted time on entertainment, I then found Amazon.com. People were actually buying things online. That set the path for my life.

As a college freshman, I started playing around with this thing called "PayPal." I was really into cars & tuning, so I started selling car headlights, shift knobs, pedals, and other car accessories on message boards & forums. I made a little spending cash and I wanted more of it. That led me to the world of digital marketing.

I started my career in search marketing. Search is my foundation. Search gave me my first salary out of college. Search brought me to LA. Search allowed me to start my first e-commerce business (Paradigm Gallery - www.pgmod.com) which I eventually sold. See, with search, it's a love affair. It's not the sexiest marketing channel, but I work hard to change the perception.

14 years later, I'm now a digital strategist, e-commerce leader, and team builder. I pride myself on being a well-rounded marketer. Not just a digital marketer. Not just an e-commerce guy. 

And, I hope this isn't just another blog I decide to abandon 6 days after starting it....wish me luck.

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